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  • Palm Beach 2/7/09 - Feature Race #1
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  • Palm Beach 2/8/09 - Feature Race #2
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    The HSR Palm Beach Historic Races, held at the newly rebuilt Palm Beach International Raceway, kicked off the HSR vintage race schedule for 2009. While the economy showed its effect with the car count, those who showed up put on a great weekend of racing. The races were run under the new lighting system on the eleven turn, 2.034 mile road course. The Historic Stock car race 1 was won by Robert Mitten in his #22 '04 Dodge Pro Truck. He was followed closely by the #28 '92 Thunderbird driven by Joe Pirrotta who placed first in class Bi and placed 2nd. overall. The Historic Stock car race 2 was won by Robert Mitten in his #22 '04 Dodge Pro Truck. He was followed closely by the #28 '92 Thunderbird driven by Joe Pirrotta who placed first in class B and placed 2nd. overall. (From Race Review)

  • Sebring Endurance Challenge 3/7/09 - Feature Race #1
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  • Sebring Endurance Challenge 3/8/09 - Feature Race #2
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    The HSR Sebring Endurance Challenge Races, held at the historic Sebring International Raceway, was the spring break for HSR racers. What a great rush you get when you drive over the bridge covering turn 17 and see the paddock filled with a large amount of race cars. The entry list held a surprise as well, a group of drivers who had entered from England. What a nice selection of race cars they brought over, a nice bunch of drivers, crew and family members. Now to the actual racing. The Historic Stock car race was won by Donald Soenen in his #2 '98 Taurus. He was followed closely by the #20 '06 Monte Carlo driven by Robert Mitten, who placed first in class SA and placed 2nd overall. Jack Finch in the #49 '06 Dodge Charger finished 2nd in class SA, and in 3rd place overall. The Historic Stock car race 2 was won by Robert Mitten in his #20 '06 Monte Carlo taking first in class SA. In this race, he passed the #2 '98 Taurus of Don Soenen, who won the class A, and placed 2nd overall. Rounding out the podium, in 3rd place overall was the #44 '06 Charger driven by Maurice Hull. A father and son, Edgar and Wayne Otto, raced a pair of Petty '06 Chargers, #45 Wells Fargo vs #43 STP Chex. (From Race Review)

  • Walter Mitty Challenge 5/2/09 - Feature Race #1 CANCELED DUE TO RAIN
  • Walter Mitty Challenge 5/3/09 - Feature Race #2
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    The 32nd. HSR running of "Mitty" held at Road Atlanta, on April 30 - May 3, 2009, was another fine race weekend with a great grand marshall Bob Tullius. Due to the strong downpour the Group 8 0Historic Stock Car race one was canceled along with the Group 6 & 7 Historic GTP/WSC race one. The Group 8 Race 2 - Historic Stock Cars saw Mark Furcini in his #42 Havoline '05 Charger take the overall win along with the first place win of class SA. Donald Soenen in his #2 Miller Lite '98 Taurus, ended up having a good race with Robert Mitten, #20 Home Depot '06 Monte Carlo, with Donald Soenen taking second overall and first in class A. Robert Mitten took third overall, while posting the fastest lap of the race. Taking first place in the Classic class was John Finger in his #1 Baby Ruth '92 Thunderbird . Thanks again to the HSR staff, the SCCA for their workers, the drivers and their families and the staff of Classic Motorsports and Grassroots Motorsports magazines. (From Race Review)

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  • VIR Gold Cup w/SVRA 6/7/09 - Feature Race #2
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  • Watkins Glen Internationl 6/13/09 - Feature Race #1
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  • Watkins Glen Internationl 6/14/09 - Feature Race #2
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    During practice on Friday, a fog bank rolled in over the race track that was so bad you couldn't see the end of your nose. So practice was called and lunch moved up. This should have been the notice of what the weather was going to provide for the racers during the weekend. The Historic Stock Cars- Group 8 was just like watching Nascar at the Glen. Seeing the Miller Lite Taurus race alongside the Home Depot and the Kellogg's cars was quite a treat. Tossing these monsters around the Watkins Glen road course sure is a challenge. These road warriors sure put on a show, lifting wheels in the bus stop or sliding thru turn one. Taking the first race was Eric Lux in his #5 Kellogg's Monte Carlo, followed by Robert Mitten in the #20 Home Depot Monte Carlo, with Donald Soenen taking the third position with his #2 Miller Lite Taurus. Group 8 - Historic Stock Cars, race 2 was a one hour race. There was close door to door racing for the whole hour. The lead was swapped several times between Eric Lux in the #5 Monte Carlo and Robert Mitten in the #20 Monte Carlo, It appeared that Eric Lux had won on pit lane, while Robert had taken 2nd overall, but in the final results Robert Mitten had won 1st overall, followed by Don Soenen with his #2 Ford Taurus with Eric Lux taking 3rd overall. The reason for the change was Eric Lux ran out of gas and had to take a short cut to make it back to the pits. (From Race Review)

  • Atlanta Historics 8/22/09 - Feature Race #1
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  • Atlanta Historics 8/23/09 - Feature Race #2
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  • South Jersey Building Trades 150 @ NJMP 9/13/09

  • Road Atlanta w/SVRA 10/17/09 - Feature Race #1 CANCELLED DUE TO RAIN
  • Road Atlanta w/SVRA 10/18/09 - Feature Race #2
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    The Group 10 cars and the Historic Stock Cars ran in a combined race, with each group having its own start. The overall winner was Mark Furcini in the #42 Havoline Dodge Charger, who had Jack Finch #49 Dodge Charger locked into second place until Dale Phelon passed in his #66 Trans-Am Mustang on THE LAST LAP for 1st. place in Group 10 and 2nd. place overall., Jack Finch took 3rd. overall and 2nd. in the Stock Car class. Bill Riddell took 2nd. place in Group 10 in his #5 '63 Ford Falcon. Jim Malone driving a #24 Corvette T/A was the Optima Battery Award winner. (From Race Review)

  • Daytona Continental Historics 11/7/09 - Feature Race #1
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  • Daytona Continental Historics 11/8/09 - Feature Race #2
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  • Sebring Fall Classic 12/6/09 - Feature Race #1
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  • 2009- Group 8 - Class Standings (Final as of 12/31/2009)