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 	OK, for all you guys out there that have parked your cars...here 
is way to still have  some fun.  We have been playing this for the last 
couple of years in the office, strictly for fun!!

 	Basically you pick your drivers for each race and based on their 
performance you get points...he with the most points wins.

 	How to sign up...go to the folowing link:


 	If you don't have already have a account with yahoo.com you make 
one for free.  Then name your team and set your options.

 	On the next screen you want join a private group:

 	Group ID#	11022
 	PASSWORD	letmein
 	Group Name	BURNIN' RUBBER 2016

 	FYI, my team name is "CHECKERS OR WRECKERS".

 	Now just go and select your drivers for the Daytona 500 and good 


John A. Orzechowski

Office:  301-619-8142
Mobile:  301-672-3868
Fax:	 301-898-3525
jorzecho at orzechowski.com

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