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Good morning fellas;
As you may know by now SVRA has abandoned it's 390 carburetor idea due to the efforts of some of our fellow racers over the last few days.
I'm sure you all will join with me in thanking them for speaking out on our behalf.
Primarily Jack Finch ,Jody ODonnell and Pat Ryan where are our advocates. 
Most of you have seen Jack's letter that kick started this discussion,now read Pat Ryan's incredible clarity setting out the unmistakable "Voice of Reason" that should serve as a future guideline to any of us making decisions for a club or group!
If we each contribute a little energy I think we can build our group back to the previous 25+ car fields that we've enjoyed in the past,with the ultimate goal of better racing and our own separate run group.

Please forward this email to anyone interested in racing with us,especially those with cars that haven't raced with us lately.

25 Stock Cars taking the green flag is an awesome sight and sound that excites everyone,racers,spectators and promoters alike!

Best regards
Mark Furcini
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> Hi Mark, 
> Please forward Pats letter to all the interested parties.
> Thanks, Rick
> On Wednesday, December 3, 2014 12:11 AM, Pat Ryan <pat at prismacars.com> wrote:
> Hi Rick,
> My letter had an effect.  Copy enclosed.  Please forward the message I just sent to the other guys on the list on the email you forwarded to me from Jack Finch and Odonnell.  I am not able to extract their email addresses from the email you forwarded.
> Pat
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> pat at prismacars.com
> website:  Prismacars.com
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